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Our first conscious diamond jewelry. 

Each stud features a radiant lab-grown diamond, symbolizing a commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental consciousness.These babies embody a harmonious blend of sophistication and sustainability.

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In Search of Lost Love

As we are living in unavoidable and undeniable political tension of the present. However, it's important to remember that the Jewish community is incredibly diverse. Within it, Jewish internationalists from various professions staunchly oppose war and conflict. It was a joyous occasion when the Jewish people could finally have their own country and home. Yet, their neighbour also deserves a peaceful home. While the pain of war is indelible, what we can do is create more stories of love.
Oeil Violette Vårkanten-Spring Edge

Spring Edge – Vårkanten

“In the tender dance of the breeze, we endure the sting of allergies, yet our heart overflows with gratitude for the blossoming embrace of  every spring. The whispering leaves symbolise…

$ 23

Wooden Chair

Light single chair


Good Quality! Highly recommended!

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