Nocturne Azure Messenger

14900 kr

“Nocturne Azure Messenger” epitomizes exquisite craftsmanship and refined design with understated elegance, sophistication and practical comfort. A serendipitous moment of connection birthed the poetic symbiosis embodied in its color, a story detailed in our blog post: Nocturne Azure Messenger – A Poetic Symbiosis.

In designing: Naturally enriched with the Scandinavian aesthetics our founder grew up with, we embrace a minimalist approach to dressing rather than adhering to the typical Scandinavian bag. We believe that an accessory plays a crucial role in naturally reflecting the overall temperament of the wearer, and thus, our design approach is centered around the wearer’s overall look and motion. Understated elegance, sophistication, and practical comfort are the defining characteristics of this piece.

The leather composition: outer layers, including the body, strap, pocket, and inner-bottom, as well as an inner layer in suede leather, we have incorporated a double leather interlayer to enhance resistance to humidity and dirt. With three layers of distinct leather types carefully combined, the Nocturne Azure Messenger epitomizes meticulous craftsmanship and utmost care in every layering, lining, and stitching.

Height: 35cm, Length:25cm, Width:15cm

Strap: adjustable between 45cm to 90cm

Suitable for both genders

Small pattern of leather vein marks varies from each piece.

About the leather: Nocturne Azure Messenger has finer grain than Barenia Faubourg leather yet with more texture than Swift leather. We would describe its smoothness as falling between these two types of leathers. Feel free to explore our blog post “Choosing The Leather – Striking a balance in between” for further insights.