189000 kr

“In the tender dance of the breeze, we endure the sting of allergies, yet our heart overflows with gratitude for the blossoming embrace of  every spring.

The whispering leaves symbolise the wisdom gained through each season of life, and the dazzling diamonds reflect the beautiful moments that forever linger. The name, meaning ´Spring Edge´ in Swedish, encapsulates the spirit of renewal and perpetual growth.”  

– Oeil Violette

You are welcome to read the article Spring Edge – Vårkanten for the detailed story.

See Vårkanten liveshow in description section below

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  • 80 yellow diamonds, each boasting the prestigious Fancy Vivid grade
  • Cascading down each petal are six white diamonds, each of 10-point grade
  • Every white diamond gleams with brilliance, meeting the high standards of DEF color grade

For those who have wielded the tools of jewelry crafting, the challenge of shaping such intricate forms with 18K gold stands as a true testament to the symbiotic collaboration between designer and artisan.

Enjoy the stare

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