The Orchestra Ring

202890 kr

The exquisite Orchestra Ring, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and elegance that combines with the luxurious beauty of Rare Collectible Level Pearl. Crafted for those who appreciate the art of magic of music.

At the heart of The Orchestra Ring lies a radiant South Sea Pearl, a symbol of unparalleled beauty and rarity. Measuring a stunning 16mm in diameter, this golden pearl boasts a perfectly round shape with a remarkable 95% Blemish Free Surface, enhancing its sharp lustre and making it a truly Rare Collectible Level gem.

Surrounding the majestic pearl is a symphony of over 300 diamonds, totaling an impressive 3 carats. Each diamond is meticulously set in a palette of 18k gold, reminiscent of the grand stage of an orchestra in a concert hall. The brilliance of these diamonds captures the essence of music, evoking the magic and artistry of a captivating performance.

The ring body, crafted in lustrous 24k gold, provides a luxurious backdrop for the dazzling display of diamonds and the golden pearl centerpiece. With its intricate design and exquisite details, The Orchestra Ring exudes opulence and refinement, making it the perfect accessory for those special occasions where only the finest will suffice.

The Orchestra Ring is a true masterpiece that will captivate hearts and inspire admiration.

Golden South Sea Pearl:

  • 16mm
  • 95%+ blemishfree surface
  • Very sharp lustre
  • Perfectly class A Round
  • Rare Collectible Level



18K Gold, 24k Gold, Golden South Sea Pearl, Natural Diamond

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