Tidal Crest Bangle

1899 kr

Tidal Crest Bangle, part of our Moonlit Harmony family, a mesmerizing homage to the ebb and flow of the ocean’s waves. Crafted with meticulous detail, this bangle embodies the graceful movement of the sea, with its sleek silver body sculpted into undulating waves that cascade around your wrist. Adorning this aquatic masterpiece are three luminous pearls, each symbolizing the purity and beauty found within the depths of the ocean.

Bangle size: adjustable, approx. 20cm

Pearls size: 5mm

Available in two enchanting variations, the Tidal Crest Bangle offers a choice between timeless elegance and radiant allure. The yellow gold version exudes warmth and sophistication, reminiscent of golden sunlight dancing upon the water’s surface. Meanwhile, the white gold rendition captures the ethereal essence of moonlit waves, casting a spellbinding glow wherever you go.

Whether worn as a statement piece or a subtle nod to the ocean’s majesty, the Tidal Crest Bangle is sure to evoke feelings of serenity and wonder with every glance. Dive into the depths of style and embrace the timeless beauty of the sea with this exquisite accessory.




White gold, Yellow gold


925 Pure Silver, Gold Vermeil, Pearl

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