Moonlit Harmony II Necklace

1999 kr

Imbued with the serene essence of moonlight caressing the tranquil ocean waves, the Moonlight Harmony set captivates with its ethereal ambiance. This harmonious and splendid scene enchants the senses, evoking a sense of peace and wonder.

The carefully chosen color combination of the pearls is artfully crafted to encapsulate the ethereal ambiance of moonlight shimmering upon the tranquil ocean, creating a harmonious and splendid scene

Chain adjustable between 37cm – 44 cm

Grey pearls on chain: 6.3 mm

Set options

Moonlit Harmony Necklace, Ensemble Moonlit Harmony complet, Ensemble Moonlit Harmony N&E, Ensemble Moonlit Harmony N&R


925 Pure Silver, Pearl