Le Goûter – Époisses Ring

899 kr

Le Goûter Collection is a charming ode to the delightful moments shared during afternoon tea gatherings, drawing inspiration from the camaraderie and elegance observed in these cherished occasions.

Crafted with intricate detail and fine craftsmanship and inspired by our gesture from Le Goûter moments. Let this exquisite ring from the Le Goûter Collection transform your afternoon movements, infusing each gesture with a sense of grace and sophistication. Made in silver, plated in yellow gold and white gold.

“Sabrina delicately retrieving her sunglasses from her bag, effortlessly adding a touch of chic flair to her ensemble. Meanwhile, Abigail lifts up her coffee cup with an air of effortless composure, savoring the moment. As Jeanette arrives, gracefully adjusting her hair while reaching for the table.”

Wearing jewelry from our Le Goûter Collection transforms every subtle movement into a captivating spectacle, drawing admiring glances from those around you. Adorning yourself with these exquisite pieces radiates confidence and poise.

White gold, Yellow gold