Nurture Bound Bangle

999 kr

Two gracefully intertwining branches, symbolizing life and bound, each delicately cradling a luminous pearl. The larger pearl symbolizes the strength and wisdom of motherhood, while the slightly smaller pearl represents the child, whether it’s a mother and daughter or a mother and son. A beautiful gift for celebrating the cherished bond between mother and child.

Wearing the Nurture Bound Bangle honors the journey of motherhood and celebrating the enduring connection between parent and child. Let this bangle be a reminder of the unbreakable bond that binds hearts together, beautifully captured in every detail of its design.

Introducing the Nurture Bound Bangle, a timeless symbol of maternal love and connection. Crafted with precision in silver and adorned with exquisite 18k gold plating, elegance, loving and yet sophisticated.


White gold, Yellow gold


925 Pure Silver, Gold Vermeil, Pearl

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