It’s My Canvas Earrings

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The design of the “It’s My Canvas” earrings is a testament to the beauty of self-discovery and the freedom to shape one’s narrative. The silver framework with gold vermeil, creates a frame for the canvas made of pearl. At the heart of each earring is a canvas made of natural pearl, a symbol of wisdom and purity.

It’s a soulful representation of individuality. The open-minded, swirling pattern reflects the fluidity of life, echoing the sentiment that you hold the brush to paint your own story. Always feel grateful to celebrate the uniqueness of your journey and assert your individuality with the “It’s My Canvas” earrings – a radiant expression of self-determination, adorned with the timeless beauty.

These pearls, with their lustrous sheen, serve as reminders of the precious, irreplaceable moments that contribute to the richness of your journey. The combination results in a harmonious blend that resonates with both elegance and resilience.

Height: 3.3 cm, Width: 1.5 cm

Set options

It's My Canvas Earrings, It's My Canvas Necklace, Ensemble It's my Canvas


925 Pure Silver, Gold Vermeil, Pearl