Nocturne Azure Messenger – A poetic symbiosis

“The genesis of Nocturne Azure Messenger was inspired by a moment near The Gate Of Divine Prowess in Beijing, the night sky painted in dark azure above the building sparked a reminiscent connection to the same celestial canvas above the balcony of my home in Stockholm.

This serendipitous moment of connection birthed the poetic symbiosis embodied in Nocturne Azure Messenger.”

Stockholm and Beijing
Stockholm, Beijing

Following an enriching experience in Beijing, my Swedish friends in Shanghai introduced me to a community of retired Chinese leather craftsmen, whose enduring passion for creating durable leather goods never waned.

In designing the bag, I naturally sought to enrich it with the Scandinavian aesthetics I grew up with. As mentioned on our product page, we embrace the minimalist approach in accordance with the way we dress in Scandinavia, rather than simply adhering to the look of Scandinavian bags. I believe that any garment or accessory gains its life through wear; no matter how gorgeous a bag or piece of garment is, it can never take a catwalk on its own. Accessories play a crucial role in completing the overall temperament of the wearer, and thus, our design approach is centered around the wearer’s overall look and motion. Understated elegance, sophistication, and practical comfort are the defining characteristics of the Nocturne Azure Messenger.

Crafted from premium French leather, each piece is meticulously shaped by the skilled hands of artisans based in Shanghai. It is truly an honor to collaborate with them. One of the reasons for our successful collaboration is that both parties share a desire to produce smaller quantities, allowing us to prioritize pushing creativity forward rather than simply focusing on production volume. This approach not only enables us to maintain a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail but also ensures that our customers can enjoy the uniqueness and distinguished style of our handcrafted leather goods.

Our craftsmen have also expressed their sentiment, stating that “It is not enjoyable to create the same bag repeatedly.”  This underscores the importance of fostering creativity in their work, as it allows us to continuously innovate and explore new designs.


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