Spring Edge – Vårkanten

“In the tender dance of the breeze, we endure the sting of allergies, yet our heart overflows with gratitude for the blossoming embrace of  every spring.

The whispering leaves symbolise the wisdom gained through each season of life, and the dazzling diamonds reflect the beautiful moments that forever linger. The name, meaning ´Spring Edge´ in Swedish, encapsulates the spirit of renewal and perpetual growth.”  

– Oeil Violette

Envision the enchantment of a pair of earrings adorned with 80 yellow diamonds, each boasting the prestigious Fancy Vivid grade. This creation entails a meticulous selection process and an intricate setting—a true testament to the artistry of time and craftsmanship.

Cascading down each petal are six white diamonds, each of 10-point grade, contributing to the overall design. Among them, a triangular diamond, a round diamond, an oval diamond, and three pear-shaped diamonds enhance the intricate beauty of the piece.

And not to be overlooked, a round diamond graces the stem. Every white diamond gleams with brilliance, meeting the high standards of DEF color grade. May these earrings be a timeless testament to your own journey, embracing the edginess of growth and the perennial elegance of spring.

In the discerning eyes of an expert, the allure of this masterpiece extends beyond the sheer abundance of diamonds; it lies in the remarkably lifelike and dynamic overall form. For those who have wielded the tools of jewelry crafting, the challenge of shaping such intricate forms with 18K gold stands as a true testament to the symbiotic collaboration between designer and artisan. The intricacies of achieving these graceful curves with 18K gold are formidable, a feat that requires decades of master skill; without such expertise, it would be nothing short of impossible.

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