In Search of Lost Love

As we are living in unavoidable and undeniable political tension of the present. However, it's important to remember that the Jewish community is incredibly diverse. Within it, Jewish internationalists from various professions staunchly oppose war and conflict. It was a joyous occasion when the Jewish people could finally have their own country and home. Yet, their neighbour also deserves a peaceful home. While the pain of war is indelible, what we can do is create more stories of love.
Remember Me Earrings

Once upon a time, in a bustling city filled with the whispers of history, there lived a Jewish girl named Sarah. Born into a happy home with loving parents in Vienna, her life was forever changed by the tumultuous winds of war. As chaos swept across Europe, Sarah found herself fleeing her homeland Austria, seeking refuge in the distant shores of Shanghai.

In the heart of this exotic city, amidst the maze of narrow streets and bustling markets, Sarah found love in the most unexpected of places. She met David Wang, a Chinese-Jewish man with a Chinese father and Jewish mother, who worked as the financial manager at the French Chamber of Commerce in China’s Shanghai Branch. David’s gentle demeanor and unwavering courage captured Sarah’s heart, and their love blossomed amidst the chaos of war, a beacon of hope in a world shrouded in darkness.

But as the years passed and peace returned to the land, Sarah and David were torn apart by the currents of fate. Forced to separate, they promised to find each other once again, no matter the distance or time that stood between them. The Remember Me Earrings was a as a token of their promise, carefully selected from his grandmother’s jewelry store.

Now, several decades later, Sarah embarks on a journey back to Shanghai, her heart filled with memories of a love long lost. With each step she takes through the streets of her past, she is haunted by the echoes of their laughter and the warmth of their embrace.

Driven by a relentless determination, Sarah searches tirelessly for any trace of her beloved David. She retraces their steps, from the hidden corners of the old Jewish ghetto to the bustling waterfront where they once shared their dreams.

Along the way, Sarah encounters old friends and new allies, each offering a glimmer of hope in her quest. With their support, she delves deeper into the shadows of the past, unraveling secrets long buried beneath the surface.

As she navigates the labyrinth of memories, Sarah discovers that the true essence of love lies not in the destination, but in the journey itself. And though the road may be long and fraught with obstacles, she knows that as long as she holds onto the flame of hope in her heart, she will never be truly lost.

For Sarah understands that love is a force more powerful than time or distance, and that no matter where the road may lead, it will always guide her back to the arms of her beloved. And so, with unwavering faith and a determination as strong as steel, she continues her quest to reunite with her long-lost love, knowing that their story is far from over.

The tale of Remember Me Earrings is reimagined from the true story of a Jewish man who actually embarked on a ‘love-seeking’ trip. He has traveled back six times in order to reconnect with his friends and neighbors in Shanghai, China. The reason there were many Jewish refugees in Shanghai was because it was one of the few cities in the world that accepted Jewish refugees without stringent conditions during World War II. 

Continue reading to meet Matzdorff (Ma Zi Da), the actual character behind the love-seeking story of our Remember Me Earrings and reimagined tale. Learn more about Shanghai’s unique circumstances and open policies that made it a rare safe haven for Jewish refugees fleeing persecution during the war.

Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum
Shanghai, a haven for Jewish refugees due to several factors

Shanghai was an open port city at the time, meaning it was not subject to the same immigration restrictions as other parts of China. This allowed refugees to enter the city relatively freely.

Unlike many cities in other countries, Shanghai did not require visas for entry, making it easier for refugees to escape persecution and find safety.

Shanghai had international settlements and concessions controlled by foreign powers such as Britain, France, and the United States. These areas operated under different legal systems, and Jews could find refuge within these areas.

Shanghai already had a small Jewish community established in the city before the war. This community, along with Jewish organizations and aid groups, provided support and assistance to the incoming refugees.

Despite the hardships and challenges faced by refugees in Shanghai, the city was generally tolerant of different cultures and religions. While refugees still faced difficulties and discrimination, they were able to find shelter and safety in Shanghai during one of the darkest periods in history.

Matzdorff, Ma Zi Da holding the nostalgic photo album (
Matzdorff, Ma Zi Da back in Shanghai

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